I'm a drummer. I'm working on keeping a consistent tempo. I have a metronome with a headphone jack. When I play, my little "ear buds" arent loud enough or they let in too much noise.

I want headphones that let in absolutely nothing. That way, they will only let in my drumset when I play. (Because I play fucking loudly) I need them to be good quality, too, as I play with my mp3 player as well...

So does anyone know any good headphones that keep out most outside sound and that are good quality?

Price isn't a huge deal. I figure I'll be spending alot of money on it anyways....But preferably under 150$?
Wel Creative actually has some great ones one of our band members has used as earplugs. But I'd recommend Shure and AKG if you want "real" studio ones.
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