thats the amp im using now, and it was such an improvement over my previous one that i thought it kicked ass. but the more i read about it, and the more i hear other amps i start to think it doesnt kick so much ass as i though. is it as bad as i think? if so should i start the search for a new amp?
THe studio where my band rehearses has the VS100 halfstack and I find it way too fudgy, plus half the settings make very little difference to the tone. IMO the AVT series is similar but does the job a whole lot better
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Just get a Marshall JCM2000 head and a 1960 A or B cabinet. Sure you might spend about 3 or 4 grand...
There are lots of better amps, but if you think you can't get a GREAT tone out of it, then listen to Chuck Schuldiner. Just take your time, it's not that difficult
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