Ok with christmas around the corner, I'm hoping to upgrade to an all Tube amp.Problem is I play everything. Like nothing more than anything, I play all genres. Yes I will be gigging and I want a Combo, A half stack aint to much either. wattage is not a problem. I have about 800 bucks.

I play everything, classic rock, hard rock, old metal, garage and muse (:P) the most.

The heviest I get is GnR and Metallica
b-52 at212
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Quote by hardcoredarrell
to be honest, get a Peavey Valve King 112, it sounds pretty good with passive pickups but with actives, you can get some awsome distortion

check this video out, everytime I played the Peavey 112 in the store it sounded like that with the active pickup guitars, you dont need a pedal to get the sound either.
you find the right settings eventually

the vid is the 212, but the 112 can sound like it

check this out


only $430 US

it also does blues and everything you need it to do quite well, you just have to find and figure out your settings, best for EMG 81 85 for metal stuff, and use a different guitar for your other stuff with clean nice pickups