so.. i decided to buy a new amp, i'm buying it used on ebay, i'm willing to spend up to 700 US$. i have looked into the the dual rectifier and the F-50 combo of mesa
whatever your hearts desires then, coz ya didn't tell us what kind of stuff you play.
woops my bad, i play as i lay dying/the fall of troy type of music to give a start
get a line6 spider three..they have awesome distortion built into it for as i lay dying and that other stuf
Line6 Spider lll

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no line 6 plz. for $700 u could do much better. like 5150 combo better. A Mesa would be good. Altho i think the Triple Rec would be better. Id try to find a 5150 or maybe a 6505 if possible.
he can get so much better than a spider three for the money^^

anyway im not sure how heavy fall of troy and as i lay dying go but if there metal tones go for a used 5150 combo, or hard rock then a rectifier and iv heard good things about the mesa f series.
^^^ amazing what people dont learn in this forum. out of those though i would go with the F-50 as i heard the bottom end is alot better than the rectos

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