Ok, I need to do a little essay for school about the pros and cons of public transport. I'm supposed to be for it, well in fact I am.

The things I thought of were:

-Avoids traffic jam
-Reduces CO2 emissions

Can you help me out to think more pros?

Its cheap, you save money cos your not paying for petrol. Also you meet interesting people on the buss, like today, mr stabby, when someone walks pasts him, he says something like "cor, got him in the stomach", then does a tiny stabbing motion, its hard to notice, but he gets on the bus every week or so, its so strange.
you get to meet strange and exicting new people
a walking talking advertisement for population control
fast, reliable, good for tourists. also enables longer commutes to work.
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Eases congestion, and reduces risk of injuries on the road. Creates Employment
Professional Mixing available at request.

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Cons: Waiting at a bus stop in inclement weather, or just walking there. (Yes, I said inclement) Pros: Cheaper and environmentally friendly. Not a good idea in my opinion but what do I know?
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you get exercise walking to and from your bus or metro stop
it costs much less than buying, maintaining and fueling a car
you get to not drive (advantage for some, disadvantage for others)
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