Right, he is on my college course doing music btec like me and he has just bought a peavey head off ebay for about £700. Hes only bought it cos lamb of god and in flames use the exact one, but thts his choice. He is selling his old amp which is a Marshall AVT50. He is selling it for £80 and is good condition and works well. I am currently in a punk band, and will be gigging soon hopefully and dont reli have a amp which would be good for my guitar, so thts why i am interested in this Marshall.

So ppl, should i buy this amp of him or not? Gimme reasons plz

buy it...sell it...buy a jcm900

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It is cheap but its not a great sounding amp. I think I would save some money and look elsewhere (if you already have some kind of amp.) If I understand your currency you probably could save up 20 or 30 more pounds and get a nice 5 watt tube combo. Better sounding and longer lasting. It would be a good practice amp if you decide to upgrade later. Epiphone Valve Junior, Crate Palomino, Fender Champion 600, Peavey Valveking Royal 8, Harley Benton (same as the Epi.) Check for used amps and you might get a better deal and a little more power (if you need it.)
For the price...get it.

I have had an avt, a 275 though, at home now for really a long time now, and it's far away from being great, but it isn't really bad, it's just overpriced.
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I Forgot to mention tht i cant afford anything expensive because i am saving up for my holiday and driving lessons
I'd say go for what uldhppi said but first buy it. If it works for you then use it for awhile until you have some money saved so you at least have something for now then sell it and you can get something else. For the price maybe it's worth it to at least try.
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I think ill probs buy it, cos if i dnt like it then i can easily sell it and probs get my money back or maybe a bit more
Do it, somebody offered you a crap car for £50 you'd take it, just coz its a car, regardless of how good it is as long as it still works, you could make a decent profit off the AVT.
Buy it and sell it for a huge profit, then with that, buy a good amp.
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