Hi guys!

I had a look at this model's specs and it looks pretty neat?

Does anyone have anything to say about it (esp if you have it)?

Thanks for your help guys... and girls (damn political correctness... =P)
Why get such a low end instrument after you've already got some other low-end instruments?

I see you're here since 2006. By now, you probably have an idea of what tone you're looking for and basses in the price range of under $250US don't really offer the versatility most players are looking for.
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at least go a model up the b-155 its givin me a surprisingly good tone n whatnot but it was set up properly by the store i got it from. its also taking one hell of a beating
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IMO the only LTDs worth getting are from 4xx and up. Anything lower and you're selling yourself short. With that in mind, is it absolutely necessary that you get another bass or can you save up for a bit? I ask because I think you'll be way more satisfied in the long run if you buy a good quality bass instead of splurging on another low end bass.
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I've still got mine. It was my first and only bass. Ive been playing a little over a year and its great for me. If your just beginning its more than likely one of the best basses for $200. Ive played a couple of friends basses and they do sound way better but again its good for a beginner maybe not so much for an experienced bassist.
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I bought this bass last year and it does hold up quite well on the low side but i find the high end to be disappointing. As most have said you get what you pay and it's not a horrible bass if you just want some booming low end but if you really want anything in the higher range i'd prolly shy away from this.