im looking for a tube amp for under $800 new... i want to be able to play heavy stuff such as metallica on this amp but i would like for it to have good cleans too. right now im thinking about gettin a fender blues deluxe reissue nd getting a good overdrive pedal but i would like something a little more heavy sounding then a fender amp... please list some amps that would be good. or if the fender would be good enough
Id say that with an excellent OD, it would be good. Its a class a/b i think, so itll sound different cranked i think. A Laney would work, maybe a Peavey Classic 30. I would say something like a 5150, but its a big sacrifice clean-wise.
Look into Mesa amps.
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i would also like to try and get a boston sound out of it too. if that changes anything
Check Tom Sholtz's web site and see what he used. It may be discouraging. Not sure it can be done without a lot of expensive gear.