Cause that is what happens to metal over time. Well unless it's stainless steel
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okay, cuz it kinda looks bad and I've never seen it on any other guitar so I was wondering if it was normal for it to get rusty.
There is actually some on my Gibson's pickups. Builds character in your instrument. Its cool.

IMO I think sweat makes it happen. Thats based off of nothing though.
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oh okay, sometimes I rest my hand on the bridge when I'm using a pick and my hands get sweaty so I think that's why, but I don't why the pick ups are rusty...
Metal rusts dude, unless it's pure stainless. Then it wont. But unless it's PURE stainless, it will. I have a rifle with a "stainless" barrel and reciever, and it still gets a fine powdery rust on it sometimes. It goes away with a swipe of oil though.
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has anyone heard the theory that people who regularly smoke pot have more corrosive, rust-inducing fingerprints? didn't know if it was true or not.
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Gibson makes a guitar with which they take all the screws and stick them in brine and then let them air dry to cause rust. I don't know why. I also don't see this post actually contributing to the thread but go figure.