This is my band; Coyote!


Please, please let us know what you think either on here or on myspace!

Cheers guys.

Edit: At the moment they are only live recordings due to the fact that we are poor and cant afford a demo!!
It's gd man, i enjoyed it! I was expecting some sort of really poorly recorded band with a hell of alot of mistakes thrown in for good measure. But it was pleasent on the ears

You should deffinately try and get a demo done. scrimp and save!!
Professional Mixing available at request.

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LOLZ - a Southern rock band from the U.K. Wow - I have seen it all. As soon as your lead singer started off I was like wow..these guys are definitely not from the States, and certainly not the South. Then I looked at where you guys where from. So yeah - major kudos for being the only Southern Rock band I have heard from the U.K.
PM Me for any help you need with recording systems/tips
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Good call

Man, you should be a mod, you know everything.

good work on the music, "Two Years Live" did seems to change tempo a little much....your drummer may want to practice with a click track or something.
also some of his drum fills were a little iffy but other than that great job.
Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Thrice Removed - Yup! were all brummies! Home of heavy metal! But we just love those southern fried riffs!