I really should spend more time with my guitar and start to play it properly but I just get side tracked more often than not. But I digress...

Im currently trying to learn Rage Against the Machine: Killing in the name of.

Now I have the beginning and then the bit after that down to a tea - id still love to be able to play and sing at the same but thats a whole other issue. But the problem I have is I can play the second part as follows:

D|-0------ x----------0--2h3p2-|

But I just cant play nor do I understand the bits with the 'x'. The dead notes.

Now I play D and A at first, then the 3rd and 5th fret on the A string. But then what notes do I hit on the x?
Depending on where my fingers are, the 'dead note' sounds different so which notes to I play dead?

Also, does anyone have any tutorials on playing dead notes because its driving me insane!

Really appreciate any help you have to offer!
Just rest your fingers on the strings somewhere on the neck, careful not to produce a natural harmonic, and strum once.
Hmmm, i cant answear this, since i really have the same question, but usually i just play it in the clossest and fastest way to play the next note
Man you're making trouble out of nowhere. All you have to do in those "X" notes is place your freting fingers touching the strings, not pushing, just touching, and then of course you have to play those strings you're touching . Just try it and you'll understand. That's called "muting the strings".

a good thing to do is try to touch the string in 2 places if you are producing harmonics, there will be an additional deadening of the note.
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If you have problems with muting them with your fretting fingers you can use "extrem palmmuting", IE you palmmute so hard that the notes are killed.
just do it around the fret that you played on before, or you can do it by muting with you picking hand(palm muting)
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X means you mute it. when i play that song i usually mute them with my fingers above the second fret (or with my palm, it really doesnt matter)

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cheers for the replies guys, I'l give it a go

Thing is, for so long I have always tried to play the note perfect and now im finding out that rock songs have these in! lol you cant win
Here's the thing about frethand mutes. A lot of people will never learn the difference between one of those and producing an artificial harmonic and I don't blame them, because the difference isn't easy for non-guitar players and even some guitar players to hear.
If you just place your finger over the string lightly, you will most likely get a distinguishable artifiical harmonic (however not always; doing this on fret 1 will give the sound of a muted open fret, and a lot of artificial harmonics are barely audible even when done right, namely the majority of the harmonics after the third octave). This is not muting. To mute, you need to press your finger/side of hand down slightly harder so that the harmonic is deadpanned producing the characteristic percussive sound.
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