hey i just got a dunlop crybaby. and when i hook it up and turn the amp on theres no sound. the batteries are fresh and everything. any ideas what is wrong?
check it has a batterie, check you've got the leads going in the right way, check its turnt on maybe (you push down the tip till it clicks) and its a wah btw
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Why is this called whammy setup? The crybaby is a wah pedal, not a Digitech Whammy. That effects pitch; your Crybaby is a frequency filter that effects EQ.

It could be a problem with your amp. Does your setup work when you don't include the Crybaby? And yeah, it could be because you're putting the cables in the wrong way round.
Make sure both your cables are working properly by using them to connect the guitar to the amp, and then make sure the guitar goes into "instrument" on the pedal.
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its not the battery and the cables work.

Are you plugging the wah in correctly, as per the instructions above?

If so, then you have a defective crybaby, which isn't that surprising really.
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