this is a ps2 emulater my bro wants to have but i dont know if its relly the real think and not a huge file full of viruses. so is it safe?
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It won't work anyway so don't bother.
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ya its safe but you cant play any game's so its not worth getting.
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If your computer's good enough, it's good. It has done a couple games for me.

Edit: Make sure you get it at ngemu.com
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Why not just buy a PS2? You can get one for about 30 bones.

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What makes you think it would be full of viruses? Yes, it is safe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pcsx2

The only problem with it is that's still very much in development. You need a fairly high spec machine to run games and compatibility is still an issue. As such, you're better off just getting the real thing if you want to play PS2 games. Not to mention, you need the actual games or ISO images of them, and from your post, it seems unlikely you have knowledge or technical know-how to do the said things.