im ordering a schecter from the us from the uk and i thought this was great until someone told me theres and import charge of somesort
is this true or just lies?
sorry it's true, there is an import charge if you buy from a diff. country. i can't tell you how much though, it just depends on the item you buy.
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just buy one from where you live
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its a c1 schecter hellraiser does anyone have any idea how much it will be
can this be avoided if the guy im getting it off sends it as a gift (as a technicality)
id really appreciate any help or where i could find out how much the charge would be
plus i cant get one here schecter dont have many dealers here
You gotta get him to write gift on the package so it will not get taxed at all.

Most US companies will not do this.
But if it is a genunie gift then
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