I took apart and refinished my bass (fender jazz bass copy), and I am rewiring it with the normal two volume knobs and instead of a regular pot for the tone, i am using a push/pull pot and trying to put in two different capacitors to switch between to get different sounds. Problem is, all the wiring diagrams I've found don't seem to fit together the way I want. Any idea how I could wire this?
So you just want to switch caps? Well, here's how to do it.

Wire the hot output of the pickup where you normally would. Then wire the middle lug to one of the middle lugs of the DPDT switch. Put one capacitor on the upper two lugs, and the other on the lower two lugs. Then attach the middle lug on the other side to ground, and wire the last lug of the pot the normal way.
sounds good..... I'll give that a shot.... so what youre saying is this:

[E] [X] [GND] (<-- pot control)

[C11] [C12]
[ X ] [GND] (push/pull lugs)
[C21] [C22]

E = empty
X = hot from pickup
C11 = Cap 1, connection 1 (of 2)
GND = ground

i think? and then the X from the push/pull lug goes to the output jack?
The switch portion is right, but I'm pretty sure the tone control should be the hot from pickup coming to where E is right now, the Xs connected, and the part where ground is now connected to the output jack/volume pot/pickup selector or whatever.

You may have to flip the outside lugs, though. I'm never 100% sure which way is which, so just test it out before you put everything back.
[HfP] [X] [Output] (<-- pot control)

[C11] [C12]
[ X ] [GND] (push/pull lugs)
[C21] [C22]

HfP = from pickup
Xs connected

all the diagrams from the bass i have seen have it [E] [From pickup and output] [Cap to gnd], so i was basing (no pun intended ) it off of that, am i right now?
sorry i'm such a nub at this