I Just picked up a used guitar from a local Pawn Shop this afternoon.
Paid about $60.00 for it, Canadian.

Problem is, No one there knows a damn thing about it.
And I've been unable to find any info on it online.


Here's the Stats:

It's a Tempo Eletric guitar, Red to black Sunburst. 19 Frets.
Has what looks like 2 humbucker pickups and two sliding activation switches.
At some point in time, it had a Bigsby tailpeice, but it's been broken and is now held together with a pin.
The only other information I can find on it is that it's made in Korea, And the serial number is T610.
The tag that was on it reads: "Guitel Tempo SG/Str 2.

And That's about it.

I remember reading somewhere that Tempo's went out of production sometime in the 70's. If so, I might hang on to this.

Above all, I need some serious help. It has a 2 day return policy, and I'm working Friday, So it's kinda up to tomorrow.

Anyone? Did I get ripped off? Is this really something I should consider keeping?

How does it play?

Any guitar is worth 60 bucks if it plays nicely
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If you got any guitar for 60 bucks, it seems like a deal. I'll try to find something for you, though.

Edit: Theres another tempo guitar here selling for 500 USD, which I think is about the same as Canadian right now.
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Dude. $60 you can't go wrong. I bought my bass for £25. It's ****. Absolute ****. one pick up has broken off. There's a hole in the back. The G string makes a weird buzzing noise. I still think it was worth buying (a cos I don't have another bass) but also because even if it does sound crap it looks nice on my wall
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Sapient, Thanks for the link!

It's the same color as that one, and has a "Zero Fret" along with the Bigsby.

Yeah, $60.00 Canadian/American (Same Difference now) IS pretty much a steal. I have to agree