I added a .54 as my fifth string and a .42 as my 4th string. Is this going to hurt the guitar at all, since I'm using thicker strings and putting them on normal tuning?
i dont think so. the tension on the neck might increase, but im not too sure. And it wont hurt it too much.
Not sure.... I'm assuming you've set up your guitar to accomodate these heavier strings........ I have never used strings that thick but i would imagine you'd be ok with them.... I'd wait for someone else though to post who does knows for sure

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Well, hopefully someone in here can be certain on whether this is harmful or not to the guitar, so I can take them off and add lighter strings
so what are you using for your low E string? a .60? because honestly a .54 for the A string is...a bit overkill IMO.
your A and low E are the same width then. it wont hurt i dont think. but .54 on A is a bit much......

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