hey. after several threads of asking UG what amp i should get i've finally decided, after trying the Peavey Transtube 212 EFX. So my question is: What do you huys think of it?
very nice for a hybrid, but at that price, you can get nicer tube amps.

what kind of music are you playing?
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i have 1..its pretty good..but i'd get a Valveking 212..but the t.t. 212 efx is a nice amp no doubt =]
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Peavey is a very good solid state amp but I don't trust the built in effects. Just some stuff to break later.
playing metal and hard rock mostly with it, but on the side i'll be playing other stuff like alternative, and punk
I just picked one up, for $200, and it is a sweet amp. Only played 10 hours, and consider it a great deal. Try CL (Craigslist), to save on the shipping charges you'd get hit with if you go on Ebay. She a beast, weights in a 60 lbs.