I have read all over the web about how Derek Trucks uses no effects and uses only his guitar ans his amp... but then i seen this picture...
... if you follow Derek's guitar cable from his guitar it looks like it plugs into the "effects " to the bottom right of the pic...

Any thoughts.... And if they are effects can anyone tell what they are?
the one on the right is a tuner. not sure what the one on the left is, but it's shaped like a MXR EQ pedal.
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Im almost positive the left one is a morely line selector, i garuntee derek uses more than just one amp setting, so he has to have multiple amps. you can even see two separate amps in the pic
it's an eq(not competely sure about that) and a tuner


i agree with the guy above me, it could be either a line selector or an eq
Yeah i agree^.

He has amazing control over the slide. There are some good slide players on YouTube copying his style though...
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Looks like a tuner and a line selector, not effects

exactly what i was going to say
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