I currently have a Spider II 15w amp that I use, and can't stand the sound of it anymore.

I was going to get a roland cube 20x because I hear everyone saying they are awsome. But recently I have read reviews where the modeling on the line6 is better than the roland cube's modeling. Any input on this? There is not guitar place around me that carries anything other than the micro cube so I cannot find out for my self without buying it first.

I would like an amp that has great sound and some modeling since I do not have the money to invest in pedals.

Any suggestions on other amps would be great too.
Get a Microcube or a 30x instead of the 20x. I don't think the 20x has the same amp modeling as the other cubes.
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I'm using a micro cube right now, but have played with all of them in the series, I'd personally recommends getting as high a cube as you can afford, the 60 is pretty damn cool, but I can't see an amp ever replacing a good $300-500 pedal. (I currently got a Line 6 Floor Pod Plus and have been nothing but thrilled with it.)