im learning Minuett by Bach i started on monday and i know over half the song inside out i know a guy who i a classical musicain and he had told me before it take months to learn a classical piece am i moving throught the peice to quickly? should i stop and analyse it more? what should i do
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if you are going at the right tempo already and it sounds pretty good what are you worrying about? Maybe you are a classical guitar genius? I started playing guitar 7 months ago and I am only half way through Burree in E minor by Bach. Took me a few months to get pretty good and fluid on the first part and am slowly working on second however I did this only practicing the song few times a week and other weeks not at all. *shrug*
Months for pieces?

That honestly depends on the length and difficult. What are you learning by, tab or the music? If it's tab it might take you longer to be honest.

About the time, the longest it's taken me to learn the notes of a piece is a month, which was a bit too long looking back on it. How long it takes to learn to play a piece of music. That really depends.
Classical players always exaggerate the difficulty of what they're doing. That´s how they make a living. It's the same as what jugglers do. If the audience would know how simple and easy some tricks are, all the magic of the performance would be gone, so the first and foremost rule is to never reveal a trick.
If you want to play classical, you´re supposed to stick to that rule. Always tell that it took months to rehearse a piece, while in reality you only threw half a glance on the partiture and not played it even once. That is basically what people learn to do at the conservatory.