bored, so I figured I'd tell you about something hilarious that happened during my lunch yesterday.

There was some black dude (I'm not racist, but he was the definition on a young ignorant black guy) that ordered his food before me, and I was ordering mine when he got it. He said he'd ordered 2 number sixes and they said he'd ordered 2 number threes (he really did say two number threes) and instead of having them take it back etc. he just went on talking about how "fucked up" that was and just took it.

so I got my cup and went to get my drink while they were gettin my food and was behind him waitin to fill my drink and he was still swearin and such as he was gettin his drink, and somebody said, "hey, watch your language man, there's kids in here"

now the funny part.

He proceeds to cuss the other guy out, "I'm grown, I can say what I want, I can do whatever the fuck I want, I'm grown!" etc. etc. sayin the same thing over and over and the guy that called him on it's like, "you may be grown, but I'm just tellin you to watch your mouth around kids" to which he replies with more of his "I'm grown, I can do what I want" type of tirade.

now that really shows how "grown he was, lol. That was a real display of maturity.

anyway, they both ended up leavin, and I was sitting near two men who went on talkin about it for a good 15 minutes, and then somehow they turned that into talking about the election comin up.

then one guy leaves, and the other one still sittin there starts talkin to me about what happened, and he says "If that ****** was talking like that and my kids were in here there woulda been a fight"

I almost started laughing that was so hypocritical

ok... that's it....

[waste of time]
/waste of time.

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hahahahaha....hypocrisy...gotta love it ....and ya gotta hate it when you have to write an essay about it
my dad broke his toof at that place, its evil he's not supposed to go there anymore(happened like 20 years ago lol)

but yeah, i've seen stuff like that before. Once this black guy called the cashier a stupid f-ing b(insert racial name for mexicans) and then the guy left, and the cashier said he was gonna get his homies to jump the guy.
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Him saying one cuss word isn't hypocritical at all. Now, if he started mouthing off about how the other guy was mouthing off so much, then he would be a hypocrite.

Anyway, this reminds me of Cartman in that one South Park episode where he went on the Maury Show.
i has a mcdonalds story...ok..on my lunch break i walked up to mcdonalds..and when i went in through the doors there was this old man there yellin and bitchin and tellin off all the workers and everybody in the resturant was just starin at him and he said what he wanted to say and i asked one of the workers (their my friend from school) what his problem was and she said he was freakin out cas they brought him his food on a tray and not on a plate and then he threw it all in the garbage and said the place wasnt fit to eat and left
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Him saying one cuss word isn't hypocritical at all. Now, if he started mouthing off about how the other guy was mouthing off so much, then he would be a hypocrite.

Anyway, this reminds me of Cartman in that one South Park episode where he went on the Maury Show.

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mwahaha!!! boobs FTW!!!

and to the dude from louisiana, check out my group you'll be the (edit: make that second) member

(gonna leave a comment on your profile in case ya don't see this)
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On the topic of Maccy Dee's, they asked me if my large Coke was eat in or take away =/.
I work at mcdonalds...I see **** like this all the time. its awesome.

Uh..like 2 weeks ago I was washing my hands and some black lady was walking down the drive thru past the cars I'm like wtf is she doing? She looked like she was on a mission. So I proceeded what I was doing then went back to work I look upfront and she's walking in the front door..I think wtf is she gonna do.

She proceeds to yell at my friend doing the drive thru about how they're slow as hell and her friends in the car waiting for a long time and its a waste of gas/time etc...my friend then proceeds to say.."Now that you walked your ass in here and bitched at me I just might take ****ing longer go back to your car and sit in it and you'll get your food...OK!! now go back to your car lady."

my managers laughed their ass off and went back on with work..my friends 16.

Another time some big group of BIG black guys walked in and were ordering food that wasn't even on the menu and laughing how we didn't have it..I couldn't understand wtf they were saying and my friend taking orders was just about ****ting his pants telling 6 foot 5 black men we dont have that here.

We get tons of stupid orders...people not wanting stuff on their food that was never on the sandwich in the first place..like a cheeseburger no mayo..wtf? or a Cheeseburger no cheese, hamburger with cheese...we've got it all, some people make me wonder. We had a group of teenagers go through the drive thru in reverse one day. My manager made them drive through and not able to order any food.

Someone hit the window when they were pulling up to the drive thru window like a month ago...not hard, just enough to know they ****ing hit the pole, people running over curbs, driving past the window, so far away from the window they have to get out of their car to give the money to us, and then people that drop their ****ing change on the ground..
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loool... black highschool students amuse me... especially the dude who said he was gonna slap the next bitch who tells him he has a tag on his back pack. HE WAS FO' REAL RIGHT THEN!
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oh **** i was in a mcdonalds today and that exact thing happened... maybee we were in the same one..

f*ck no-one ever falls for sh*t like that with me couse they just look at location:uruguay and they are all like nah nevermind D=