this is the funest thing i have ever done in this last hour its fun challenging to make sound right and just cool anybody else every try
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Nope, but search for Trace Bundy on youtube to see some cool tapping.
Also Ocean by John Butler has some cool tapping at the start
It's really difficult to get it to sound out properly.

But that's what you get when you apply bass tapping techniques to an acoustic guitar with ****e action...
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how do you do this? I have tried but it never sounds good...I cant play the tapping part, only the strumming part..
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You need more strength and control for the notes to sound clear on an acoustic guitar than on an electric one. Practice is the only advice I can think of . You will soon find out that when you are able to tap well on an acoustic, electric guitar tapping becomes piece of cake.
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If you listen to the original studio version of "More Than Words" by Extreme, there is a neat acoustic tapping lick at the end of it.
Yep. lots of practice. I can make my acoustic sound great tapping, although I don't do it much I do use taps in leads now and then, and tinker with it occasionally. I also get good pinch harmonics out of it.

Just a matter of practice.
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