I just bought a Stagg microphone today, hoping to be able to start recording a bit, and jamming with my own backing tracks.. I popped a jack-to-mini jack converter on the microphone cable and attached it to my soundcard (tis a standard soundcard for a HP laptop). The microphone isn't registering on my computer, and when I try to record through Audicity and the like, I'm not getting any sound.

What can I do to be able to record? I know to get close to a professional recording level, you generally have to have a medium between the mike and your laptop.. But I just want to get some basic recording done with my electric and spanish guitars, maybe even some banjo >.> Problem is, my computer is showing no signs that the mike is plugged in..

Also, I plugged the mike into my Vox DA5, for giggles. I got a TON of feedback, however, and my accoustic guitar didn't pick up that well. Is it just the mike that's crap? I did spend 80 bucks of my cash that should have gone towards food on it, so I hope it ain't wasted money! I'd really appreciate some help!

Depending on the type of mike it is, it might need to be powered... I'm really not sure though, I don't actually have any of my own.
It is a dynamic mike, and seeing as it worked with my amplifier, I doubt lack of a power supply is the problem.

I read the FAQ here, (should probably have done that before buying the mike.. silly me ). Very helpful, and it seems I did exactly this:

Common newbie idea #1: Buy an adapter to plug your mic into the 1/8" mic input on your computer sound card.

Yup. So to get a decent sound, I'll need some kind of interface, like my friends told me. Fair enough. But I'd still like to be able to get a crappy sound by directly plugging in the mike, for now!

I hope this update can help someone help me. Thanks.
normally you need to run a preamp with any mic but if you are running it to the mic input on the sound card it should be working fine because the mic port on a sound card has a cheap preamp built in.

try going though audacity and setting everything.
today I was recording on my laptop. My setup was as follows:
Shure SM57 - Yamaha MG10/2 with preamp - record out on mixer to line in on laptop

I was unsure why it wasn't working at first but after going though the settings on audacity i finally got it to work...simple setting change in the prefs.
Thanks, I'll try messing around a bit more.. But doesn't you laptop at least register that you've plugged in the preamp and mike in some way?

I got the Stagg mike for 400 kroner, in Denmark, and I could get a Shure SM57 or 58 for 900 kroner... I should really consider taking the Stagg back, shouldn't I?
Explain to me how you are "hooking" up a microphone to a guitar amp?
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My Vox DA5 has a microphone input on the back, so you can sing while you play (it also bypasses all effects and amp modeling). I plugged the jack cable connected to my microphone into the forementioned microphone input, and also tried plugging it into the guitar input, so I could try singing with delay and so on. Unfortunately, feedback was a serious problem in both cases..

Does anyone know if I'd get problems using a microphone with my Fender Deville 412? It has two inputs, could I plug the mike into one of them?