Poll: Which kind of transmission do you prefer?
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View poll results: Which kind of transmission do you prefer?
Standard Transmission
22 58%
Automatic Transmission
16 42%
Voters: 38.
Well I can't drive..... But when playing Gran Turismo I prefer the automatic transmission.
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I don't mind standard in oldddddd cars.. but honestly I'm too lazy to switch gears. I prefer automatic.
i prefer the cluchless manual type transmissions (never heard it called standard here in missouri)
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Stick is cooler, but I'm too scared I'm gonna rear end someone in my dads car the second I get on the streets
Automatic is useful when you're in traffic and you have to keep changing gear, but standard means you can change gear to cope with hills better.

I'll go with automatic though
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Manual. Sure, it takes a little to get used to, and may seem like a hassle in city driving, but I find it to be a little more exciting than an automatic.
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Standard, i've drove ATV's eversince i was little and they just seem to make sense. I find automatic really confusing for some reason because i never know which one to use, 1, 2, 3, or drive, but manual's more fuel efficient also and i like them better, plus you can put them in neutral on the highways and rev when you feel like looking cool.
im too lazy on freeways so i like automatic.
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I like my standard, it keeps my occupied so I don't fall asleep in the mornings when I drive it...^_^
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