Brought a PS2 3 weeks ago and I need some new games to kill my spare time. So far I have Smackdown: HCTP, Resident Evil 4, Madden 2007, Tekken Tag and Tekken 5. So give me some good shooting, adventure, and action games please
god of war 1 and 2. Quite possibly the 2 best games ever made?
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If you have Resident Evil 4 you should have no need for other games until you get a next Gen console. Although i would reccommend Final Fantasy 12. I know you didnt state RPG games but its still an awesome game nonetheless.
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final fantasy x, and kingdom hearts 1 and 2 if ur interested
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that fps is pretty sweet. i forget what it called, exctinction maybe? idk.. warhark looked cool too, n that dragon game looked cool
edit: my bad... i thought it said ps3.... um yea resident evil 4, gta san andreas should keep you occupied for a while
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god of war 1 and 2. Quite possibly the 2 best games ever made?

+infinity. I'm sad to say I haven't played the second one, but the first one is amazing.
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ya i would go with ff 12 if u want a rpg it has amazing graphics and awsome story and gameplay for ps2 but if ur not in rpgs i would try to get some silent hill games if u can find any
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So I guess I should spend my $20 on God of War then.

How about shooting games? How's Call of Duty 3?
You need Guitar Hero 1, 2, Rocks the 80's and 3 (when it comes out) and you shouldn't need any more games for about a month...and that's only if you get bored of games fast.
The original half life is always fun. Indigo prophecy is also an amazingly fun adventure/mystery game. Im also a fan of Area 51 though its a bit on the short side. Oh yeah, and try any of the Devil May Cry and Onimusha titles
GTA san andreas. i still play it.
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Hitman: blood money is good! And guitar hero 2!!!
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GTA san andreas. i still play it.


Same here.

IMO, it's the most well rounded, most complete game for the PS2.

It has more replay value than most games, the gameplay is amazing, and it's lengthy, but not TOO long. Gobs of entertainment.

I've had GTA: SA since March 16, 2005 (I kept the receipt. ), and I still play it regularly.

But, yea, also God of War, God of War II, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Gran Turismo 4, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (or 3. It comes out next month), Tekken 4 (older, but still an amazing fighter), KILLZONE (amazing PS2 shooter. great use of the all that the console gives), and Okami.

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