I could snatch this "stack" for $650. Is that a good deal? And will this thing give me teh uber metalz and sweet cleanzzz?

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Great cleans, and will get you a fantastic rock tone. Metal? It's got a built-in graphic eq which i works well, but would sound better if you got a preamp of some sort for that, eg. a V-twin for a spot-on Recto tone.

And yes, it's a good deal!
Well Im primarily looking for that classic Mesa chug, like Metallica has. Im running a Metal Muff, VS Jekyl/Hyde among other pedals...so I think with that added boost of an OD might help.

WOuld that be too loud for an in home amp?
Maybe its just me but i thought the VK cleans were really weak. I didnt mind the OD though, but you'll want an OD pedal to get into metal territory.
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I tried the .22 and it had enough gain for what you want. Pretty decent cleans as well.
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WOuld that be too loud for an in home amp?

I'll put it this way. I played a 22 caliber 1x12 combo onstage with a friend's band one night a long time ago, when the caliber series was brand new. I'd put that one up against any 50 watter I've played, and it would stay onstage with them. Keep the Master Volume low and it might do ok for the bedroom, but crank it a little and the neighbors won't like you much...The 50 caliber should handle just about any club you stumble across, after playing that 22 I found out it was only pushing 5 1/2 or so on the volume. And I had to turn it down, my pickups were that hot compared to the owner's SG. (I had a Lotus LP copy) Those things had a reputation for being LOUD for the wattage.
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How would they compare to something like an F series?

The F series is a little more modern and has slightly better cleans IMO. F series has a very dark tone, DC series feel a bit brighter, very crisp toned, not too aggressive.

You'd have to try both to really be able to decide which you like more.
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I wish I could...nobody around here carries anything but the express which sucks...i cant get any rock tone out of it until its cranked and the stilletos and rectos