hey im changing out my killswitches on my Fender Jag-Stang, two three-way switches with the center position as off.

though when i opened the Jag-Stang up, i found this:

notice the four "prongs"

what i bought was this:

notice there are only 3 prongs...

did i pick up the wrong piece? will it work?

...can someone show my some thing that will tell me how to do this (if itll work)?

PS: im a complete n00b at all of this (though i have soldered before, like 5 years ago in high skool)

and yes this was posted in the killswitch thread, but i got no answers
ok.... i just finished the soldering and it all works!!

yay.. but, (as i expected) the new toggle switches dont exactly fit in the holes and are quite loose..

does anyone have any ideas on how to fix these down?
which holes did u use?

drill a new hole?
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no.. i just stuck them in where the old switches were, through the rectangle holes in the pickgaurd...

ill have some pics up in a sec with what i did and an idea i have
ok... here is the finished product

notice how the switches have loose areas around them... theyre a lil loose..

now heres my idea:
look at the metal casing around the old switches

do you think id be able to take off that outter metal case and put it on (possibly glue or electrical tape them down) the new joystick switches? or is there another way you all can think of that i can secure these babies down?