I have been looking at the peavy valveking half stack and i am not sure if it is what i am looking for.I play alot of metal like children of bodom and dimmu borgir.I just need some reviews basically so i can know how good it is for metal or black metal in general.I know the 6505 is really good but that is a little expensive.Someone just please help!
5150/6505 combo? you don't need a half stack unless looking "cool" to people (and only people who don't know jack about gear) is more important than sounding good.

edit: to answer you, i think the valveking sounds pretty meh. ok at best.
Save for a used 6505.
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well ill say combo...but if your not gonna listen get the windsor or a used 6505.....although i dont think that the valveking 112 is bad...i own one...but for anything more than taht you could get a better amp