Can any guitar be customized to be a metal guitar.. like my fender if replace its Neck Pickup will it be good or is fenders wood just.. not metal, its basswood and if so what pickup should i put in?

Edit: its a SC slot.
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Fender already makes a few metal guitars. just throw in some high gain pups in there like emgs or dimarzio super distortions
Do you want to make the guitar almost specifically for metal/rock?

If so, I would buy an HH or HSH humbucker and buy some higher output pickups.
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The debate over whether Fenders could be used for metal raged here about a week ago. Use the search, it was pretty interesting. I think you could use a Strat but you might want at least one humbucker in the bridge position. You could replace a single coil with a humbucker designed to fit in the same space but be warned it won't sound like full sized one. Basswood is balanced and very good for metal. Do you by any chance have a MIJ Strat? I have one and they are the only basswood Fender Strats I know of.
it is a Fender Showmaster
Peavey 5150
Fender Showmaster QBT
Digitech Digidelay