ok imma bassplayer starting to get serious about the Acoustic...but i really dunno much about it..... i got some of questions about Acoustics and acoustic-Electrics

if you get a regular Acoustic how would you play i show with it? an instrument mic?

for a Acoustic-Electric could you use a electric guitar amp?
what strings can you (or should) use? this guy said you can use electric guitar stings!

so uhh....help please

if you got a regular acoustic, yes you would use a mic. with an acoustic-electric you would most likely use your acoustic amp. and you can use electric guitar strings, but stick with acoustic strings. some popular brands are elixir, dr, etc...
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With a regular acoustic you can spend anywhere from 30bucks upwards on a soundhole pickup and play through that. Or you can mic it. A condenser mic you be best, but any type of mic will do in the end
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A condenser mic you be best, but any type of mic will do in the end

Would a pre-amp be nessesary in combination with a condenser mic?
Good question.
I don't know really know that much on mics, just passing on some information that i have found previously.
I would assume that a pre-amp would give you more options on EQing and things like that which might be important. But I think you would be able to do without.

Anyone else with more experience able to chime in?