i have an acoustic electric and i think it sounds great but i heard somewhere that regular acoustics sound better. is it all preference or is that actually true. when i heard it i was kinda kicking myself because i thought i might not have the best sounding guitar i could. thanks
It depends on the guitar. I have a Takamine acoustic electric and it sounds better than most straight acoustics I play in music stores. I've also seen plenty of them that don't sound as good as most acoustics, that's why I bought the Takamine. I've seen guitars that cost as much or more that didn't sound as good. I needed an electric, straight acoustic is a hassle onstage, and I needed one that sounded good unplugged too, since I didn't want my only acoustic to sound like crap unless I plugged it in. I'm very pleased with the one I finally decided on. Every guitar player I've run across said it sounds really good.

There is no truth in any story that acoustic electrics don't sound as good, not as a general rule anyway. I've played many of them looking for the one I have now and I'd say the majority sound the same as they would without the electronics. For consistently good sounding guitars, I've always looked at Ovation, Takamine, Epiphone, Sigma and the occasional Ibanez or Guild. Missed a gorgeous blonde natural wood finish Guild by a day, went back on payday to put it on lay away and found out it went out the door the previous afternoon...Older Washburns sounded good quite often too, I'm not sure about the newer ones, and I've played a few Oscar Schmidt acoustics that surprised me for the price, both electric and non.
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yeah. i agree with the guy above me.

plus, an acoustic-electric is just an acoustic with a pickup in it.
it would all depend on the specific guitar.
Every piece of wood is different, every luthier is different and every guitar is different. There is no definitive answer to the 'what sounds better between regular acoustics and electric acoustics' question.