im playing bands like Alexisonfire and bands like that and i know one of there guitarists use a es-335 but i dont have 5 grand to use on a guitar and i was wondering if this would live up to the es-335 standards? if not could you suggest another guitar thats good for hardcore tone
ARE YOU KIDDING ME, i live in canada and if you can find me a link somehwere of a gibson es-335 thats less than 800 ill poop out dead cats ok. and since when is my bidget 2,600 bucks?? i was asking what do you think of the guitar in the link and if theres something better thats still a semi-hollow body that plays Alexisonfire kind of sound tell me
90% of the time, with sam ash, The link that the person posts isn't the guitar that they're talking about, they're links are messed up.

I don't know your price range, but I suggest an Epiphone Dot or Sheraton.

well im playing hard rock/hardcore
he uses a es-333 but i dont want a epiphone es-335 dot studio i want a decent semi-hollow body guitar and my spending range would be max 900 bucks

Edit: whichonespink i had the link to the artcores -.-
i wouldn't do it a guitar does give you his sound his amp does. Also semi's and hollow bodies feedback like crazy with gain so unless you have magic powers to kill feedback i'd look for what feels the best especially with that budget.
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actually dude theres a huge differnce between the two......sustain and also theres an ibanez artcore that is the exact core idea of the pickup, no feedback there super 58's and there ment for more hard hitting rock but without feedback there pretty versitile but i was just wondering if theres another guitar that might suit my needs better