I had two questions, so I decided to make a SUPERTHREAD!

Anyway ...

What are some good free online multiplayers games? Be they rpgs, or shooters, just looking for a little something to play with a couple of friends.

Also ...

For gamecube owners, what are some of the best single player games out there? I'm thinking about buying one for when I'm alone and bored, something that's worth the price.


NOTE: I am being sarcastic.
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Alright, I've got Anarchy Online downloading, but feel free to suggest any other games.

I tried Metroid, couldn't get into it, might try it again though, pretty sure I can find it for like 5 bucks.
yes, metroid prime was a pretty good game, super smash melee...possibly the greatest game of all time. I've got medal of honor: spearhead multiplayer demo, and it's really addicting. Halo CE demo is good, but a little laggy sometimes. but check both of them out.
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get a wii, you can play gamecube games and then brawl will be online when it comes out

as far as gc games go get
Soul calibur 2
Metriod prime
Sonic adventure 2 (it may have been a dreamcast game but i spent a lot of time on it so)
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