Hello everyone. This is my first time on these forums and i came on to ask a couple of questions.

Im getting a Jackson JS1 Dinky for christmas. Its my first electric guitar and im just learning how to play. I've been playing my acoustic in the spare time learning chords and certain parts of songs. Ive been playing for only three weeks though.

Now for the questions, first i would like to know what amp i should get. Now my mom is on a tight budget this year and doesnt have alot to spend. All i want is an amp that sounds good but is also cheap too. And i asked her to throw in a distortion pedal if she had the money.

All i need to know is what kind of amp i should get. Maybe 10-25 watts. Just for practicing in my room.

Also, i was wondering if somebody could give me some practicing techniques. Im teaching myself to play and im catching on pretty quickly. I know the basics of practicing like moving slow and getting faster as i get better (Ive played the saxophone for several years now) But i just dont know how to teach myself on guitar yet.

And if anyone knows of any better guitars than the Jackson JS1 Dinky and absolutely knows its better please let me know. Im just in love with that guitar right now

I appreciate your time in reading this and i hope you help me in this search for a guitar.

Edit: The guitar im getting is approx. $210.00 (USD) If anyone knows a guitar thats better for that much or less i would like to know. Thanks.
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if you like playing rock or anything heavier than rock, and if you're not too concerned about having fancy effects on your amp besides good ol' distortion, you should take a look at Roland Cubes. i have a Cube-15 and it works out very well for metal when coupled with my Metal Zone pedal

and a simple exercise that helped me a lot is the chromatic stuff. go 1-2-3-4 on 6th string, then 1-2-3-4 on 5th, etc. shift up, shift down, go 1-3-2-4, 4-3-2-1, any of those can really help as warmup and to build finger strength and picking hand uhh...agility
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Get a small, solid state amp with an 8-inch speaker. Chances are, if you can afford it, it's right for you. Ask the people who work at the store, they will help you. Make sure it has a 3 band EQ (bass, middle, treble). You don't need a distortion pedal, just use your amp distortion.
As for practicing, just learn songs you want to learn.

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Yeah, i thaught you needed a distortion pedal thanks lawl

As for the practicing thing. I wanna develop my own style and learn off that. Slash is my all time favorite though and i would love to play like him. But i also love alot of metal.
I personally have a fender champion 30 amp. Ive been playing for 5 years and I still use it. I have other amps but I would definately recommend this one for any beginner. I got it for $200 USD and it is very versitile for that kind of money. you wont really NEED a pedal but I have a boss DS-1, I think it was 30 or 40 and sounds decent. i would recommend just getting the amp though, feel that out first then decide if you raeally need more distortion. Good luck!
bro get a behringer, they are cheap and also decent quality, dude you dont need a distortion pedal right away anyhow, you will just be making it harder on yourself until you get used to using it to your advantage, otherwise you will sound like crap
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Another imp point when u are learnin a song which uses a lotta distortion u shud learn it on the clean channel so that u can spot any wrong notes u r hitting cuz under a layer of heavy dist chances r u wont spot wrong notes....
Also since u r only learning rt now i wud definitely recommend a roland microcube...the wattage is more than sufficient since u wont be giiging soon...has nice dist channels and i think it also has effects (not sure though)
Im looking for an amp thats about $50-$75 though

Yeah when i meant cheap i meant it lol

Very tight budget this year

Ive sacrificed an xbox 360 to get a guitar. Call it crazy.. But i call it passion...

Hell, ive even made a vow stoned as **** to play as good as slash and im not gonna give that up lol
Wow, i like the specs..

Thats going on my list.


EDIT: Im confused

I can try. But i doubt it.
My dad did get a promotion not too long ago though. Ill have to wait til we find out his Christmas bonus before anything :\
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i'm not sure how old you are, but i'd try to save up soem money.

get a part-time job or something.

try and get at soemthign half-decent. A roland 15 watt cube is only 100 bucks so try and save up at lesat tath much.

i would seriously stay away from companies like behringer. I've only had bad experiences with such low end companies.
Im 16

yeah ive been looking for a job anyway. I dropped out this year so i think i can find alot of opportunities