So my tele build is going great, the blue looks fantastic if i do say so myself. Check it out!

I am on the routing of the binding/installing the binding stage and I cant find any sources explaining what type of glue to use on the binding to attach it to the guitar. I figured on super glue since it will work with both wood and plastic.

What kind of glue should i use?

Anyone have a fool proof idea on keeping the glue off of the guitar seeing that i already stained it?

I know not to use a stupid amount of glue. Having said that, i was going to carefully tape off the edge and sides of the guitar before i glue it on. Any ideas or hints would be appreciated, thanks.
The guy selling me binding material recommended PVC glue, but I choosed not to follow that advice. To my experience PVC glue is very difficult to apply without making a big sticky mess. Instead I went to the local hardwareshop where they have an electronic device provided by the glue manufacturer in which you can put in the materials you want to stick together after which it points out the apropriate glue of that make. After putting in Wood and PVC it suggested Bison Kit Tranparent. This worked perfectly, even round tight corners.
Now this doesn't mean anything on your side of the Atlantic, so you must either look in your local hardware store for advice or look for something with Transparant Polyurethane/rubber/artificial resin based glue on the package. Bison Kit happens to be the best selling household glue over here, so it must not be difficult to get something similar over there from another maker.
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It sounds like the same thing as "Super glue". Which basically binds everything to everything. Thanks for the info mate!
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It sounds like the same thing as "Super glue". Which basically binds everything to everything. Thanks for the info mate!

Superglue is good but it will stain some types of wood so you will need to put a coat of shellac on the guitar before you use the super glue.

To keep it from staining getting on your guitar, tape the bindings in place and then inject the superglue into the seam between the guitar body and the bindings. I like to use insulin syringes for this. As long as you don't go overboard you won't get any glue visible on your guitar. Getting the feel does take a while so you might want to get a few extra binding strips and practice gluing it to scrap lumber so that you can get the hang of it before you move onto your guitar.
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