So whats the deal with Randall Amps? Specifically, the RG75 G3? People say its real loud and sounds almost like a tube. Would it be loud enough for small gigs, playing over a loud drummer etc? Let me know. Thanks guys
And to extend his question, are those modular tube amps any good?
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from what I've been told, they are actually pretty good, depending what modules you're talking about. I haven't played one yet, but the sole clip I heard sounded very convincing. I guess the Egnator stuff is the same thing, although I've heard a lot more about theirs.

Their modular stuff just means it has different actual preamp circuits that plug into the face of the amp. So you can have like one Bogner style pre in a slot, one Fender bassman style pre in a slot, etc. etc....

edit: sorry TS, completely missed your question with the hijack, lol. From what I've been told, the RG is a really decent metal amp for the price. As long as you're using at least a 2x12, I think you should be ok to get over a drummer, depending. Loud drummers can be hell to get over with SS amps though. Prepare for a completely different EQ than you would use in your bedroom too, you're going to have to adjust it quite a bit to sound good with other people.
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