Just curious.....considering the price of the Epiphone Les Paul Junior....I'm guessing the pick ups are really bad....if I were to change the pickups to something decent do you think it would be a considerably better guitar?

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i was sorta thinking about that, like replacing the pickup with a real p-90
i think i would drematicly improve the sound
why not just spend more and buy a better guitar altogether, there are a lot of other Epi's that won't need pickup changes
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honestly, no it won't. i've tried the humbucker equipped juniors, and they're terrible. if you can find one of the P-90 ones they sold last year for 100 bucks, get one. i picked one up, changed the tuners, and it was killer. but for some reason the humbucker ones have crappy frets, bad action, lame intonation, and bad hardware/electronics.
either get a nicer guitar (the epi G-310 ain't bad, or drop another 100 and get a faded G-400) or find one of the P-90 ones.
epi makes a set neck junior for about 300 as well and its pretty good.
Well... yeah, just some regular p-90's would do you just fine. Gibson makes some good ones, also I hear Lollard does a good job, and I know for a fact that Dimarzio makes some too.

and by the way, you could probably get the pots and wiring switched out really cheap while you're at it. (less then $10-20 for that truly vintage signal path)

Or if you're really looking to have fun you can pull a John Lennon and route the neck for a Charlie Christian pickup, put flame stickers all over it, and even maybe replace the stop tail with a Floyd Rose while you're at it.

That's what I love about Ephiphone's the cheapness of it all, + if you f*ck up, you can very easilly buy a brand new one for just a couple hundred more.
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Quote by cerveza
why not just spend more and buy a better guitar altogether, there are a lot of other Epi's that won't need pickup changes

I was just looking for a guitar I could toss around and beat the **** out of....but enjoy the sound of as well....dont want to spend alot....saving that for the Michael Kelly Patriot (shadow or Custom)
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A friend of mine got a humbucker-equipped Epi LP Junior (I don't remember if the one with the humbucker is the regular Junior or the Junior Special) a few weeks back despite my advice against it, and insisted I mod it for her.

I can safely say, even after upgrading the hell out of everything, it still sounds pretty damn horrible for anything other than Avril Lavigne/Green Day/Sum 41/etc level pop-punk. That, it admittedly does pretty well now. Also I must admit, it's very comfortable to play - the bolt-on neck is actually much more pleasant to work with than Epi's set necks, and it's pretty nice to have an LP-styled guitar that doesn't weigh down on your shoulder. It also sounded pretty nice acoustically.

Of course, if you're trying to use it for anything other than American Idiot or Complicated, then you're screwed. It's tone is horrible for anything other than this sort of thing, and give it a good thrashing and I'm pretty sure it'll crumble to pieces. The wood is terrible, and the bridge it came with was breaking strings left right and center. The stock pickup had a nice even output level but lacked anything resembling a pleasant tone, and the controls were absolutely dire; the tone control did nothing but increase how much feedback you got, and there was no marking on either control to show you what you actually had it dialed too, which didn't help when even when everything was clearly at rock-bottom 0, the dials both pointed to totally different values. The tuners were actually alright and not as bad as I feared they would be, same for the nut; considering how cheap the guitar was (£65), they could have been far worse. That said, they were still bad enough that they warranted replacing.

For the record, the pickup I put in it was a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro (which in fact cost more on it's own than the entire guitar did originally...). I went for a slightly warmer pickup, since the guitar itself is naturally rather bright-sounding, much more so than any other LP. By using a warmer pickup, the end tone is a fairly average, middle-of-the-road affair, neither being particularly warm nor particularly thin and twangy.

In other words:

Just to get the Epiphone Les Paul Junior to a level where my completely beginner friend could play it for simplistic pop-punk stuff (hardly known for it's tone in the first place) with an almost okay sound, I had to drop £200 on it and spend a week ****ing around with it playing silly buggers trying to get the damn thing to be halfway respectable.

To answer the topic directly: no, just changing the pickups will not make it a 'considerably better guitar'. However, change the pickups, the bridge, maybe the tuners and nut, and probably change the controls too (or at least check them over), and it might become an okay guitar to screw around with and whatever. Do not expect great results though no matter how much you do to it, at the very best you can get it to what I'd call an 'average bedroom-level guitar' standard.
bokuho, that sounds like she got a lemon. I recently bought a sunburst JR and its fine - the humbucker is a bit muddy sounding, and it could probably do with some new tuners, but i can get a really nice range of distorted sounds from it with my amp - no, not pop-punk distortion. cleans are very iffy though. its only imperfections as far as build quality goes is somebody missed a spot on the finish where the fretboard overhangs the neck (@ any n00bs who wanna jump on the hate bandwagon: its supposed to overhang), but its only noticable if you look for it. the guitar works fine, no issues with feedback, no problems with string breaking... maybe i picked a good one, because i got to try it before i bought it.

for the price (mine was £89... could be either store price or the fact its got a more expensive finish?) its fine, i wasn't expecting a '57 gibson quality guitar.
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