I am looking for a way to amplify my PODxt for use at home. I want something that is still going to sound impressive but obviously don't need it to be able to reach gig level volumes. I've been looking at studio monitors, PA systems and keyboard amps. I only have about $400 MAX to spend.

Any suggestions?
i've heard them played through tube amps and pa's and they both sound nice but for your situation it's probably better to get a small wattage tube amp that is mainly clean sounding (emphasis on it being a clean amp like a fender). That way you get to play around with just the amp as well and they shouldnt be any more expensive than a medium quality pa. cheaper even
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I run my pod thru my computer speakers, subwoofer and all and it sounds great.
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If you had good monitors/speakers with your PC, it'd be pretty straightforward just to run it through that, if it's just for home use. It'd make it easy to record with too, if you were inclined to do that.