ur not the only one. not too many people gets a chance to play on scalloped frets.
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I've been curious for about these for a while now. Apparently a lot of shredders use them as it makes it easier to bend and stuff. It would be intersting to find out a bit more about them
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if you're that interested, you might want to know that there are some guitars out there that are only scalloped from the 12th fret, so that rhythmn and chords stay the same, but you can also use the scalloped part for soloing.
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I haven't owned a scalloped guitar in a while , but used to have an old Vester strat copy and an Ibanez rx60 that were fully scalloped, you get alot more grip for bending strings, can actually play faster, sweeps are easier, the only thing is that you have to watch how much pressure you put when fretting chords or you can bend out of pitch just fretting the chord, try it on a cheapo pawn shop guitar first to see if you like it, it only takes a few days to get really used to it.
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i heard in an interview with Yngwie, he said it made it harder to play, but you can contrrol bends and other stuff like that easier.

thats just what i heard though, iv never used a guitar with scalloped frets befor

he probably meant that its hard to go from pressing relatively hard to hardly touching the strings down to the fret, because if you press too hard it changes the pitch of the note. that is hard to get used to, but doesnt make it necessarily hard to play once youre used to it.

Playing on Scalloped Fretboards

Your fingers do not touch the fretboard itself when fretting.
It is an acquired taste.
You will almost certainly not be able to play well immediately.
You might eventually like it, or perhaps never grow to like it.
No drag on fingers during lateral movement = smooth, effortless bends
You must train yourself to limit the downforce.
No fretboard to stop downward motion + too much downforce = notes bend sharp.
If you play .008s or .009s you will almost certainly hate it.
It is far too easy to bend them sharp from pressure.
.010s are OK, but .011s and up are a far better choice.

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Hate to sound like a noob, but how exactly do you scallop frets? =\

with a file..duhhhhh!
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If you play .008s or .009s you will almost certainly hate it.
It is far too easy to bend them sharp from pressure.
.010s are OK, but .011s and up are a far better choice.

I play on 11's and have never tried a scalloped fretboard, except for a JEM with only 21 - 24 scalloped, but I would like to. The funny thing about what you said, relating it to Yngwie, is that I've read he uses custom gauges, starting at .008.

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I played a scalloped guitar once but i hated it, apparently its easier to bend n stuff
i just tried scalloping my guitar

be VERY careful with the sander around your frets.
be as careful as you would be if you were shaving your balls with a razorblade

I wasn't and now when I bend the strings I get this "cccckkkkkkk" sound

it sucks...
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