Hi Guys and Girls

I have an Ibanez GAX30 which I play through a Line 6 Spider III.

I was thinking about replacing the pickups, as they're somewhat a weak spot on the guitar, and don't know what to replace them with.

All suggestions gratefully received!

heard of a pickup brand called "new amp"? get those.
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Quote by ECistheBest
heard of a pickup brand called "new amp"? get those.


A new amp will improve your tone a lot. If you changed the pickups on your guitar and continued to play through that amp, chances you wouldn't notice the difference whatsoever. And if you did, it'd be tiny...
There's no point changing pickups, the amp isn't designed to respond to them, the amount of processing that's going on kills most of the original tone. If you have tone issues then it's the amp's fault.
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heard of a pickup brand called "new amp"? get those.

haha +1

EDIT: though admittedly, cheap ibanez pickups are pretty duff.
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