just wondering what would happen if you ran one amp through another amp
would they blow up?
i think im gonna try it just to see what happens
except all i have is two 15w SS practice amps
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you mean guitar --> amp --> amp output --> next amp input
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you'll blow the bugger out!!!! theres a reason no ones ever bothered with it ,,, or at least nothing will happen or you may receive a nasty shock ,,, and I aint using metaphors here :p lol
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Why do you want to send the signal through two solid state amps in succession? That would be bad tone squared.
Why? You want more gain or something? I think that might actually work. Wouldn't that work kinda like a really expensive tubescreamer? Don't do that with solid state amps though. Will sound crappy and might actually damage the amp.
It all depends on the output level of amp1 as to if it will blow up amp2. If amp1's output is guitar level then yes it will be safe, anything higher and you will kill amp2. If it does work, it will, as the other guys said sound terrible. If you are after more gain then a preamp or dist/od pedal is the way forward.
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if you need more volume, you can buy a y-splitter and line out to both amps at the same time. amp-----guitar------amp

a splitter can usually be found at radio shack and is cheaper than an ABy box.
(im guessing money is problem)

also, when CHAINING SS amps, like said, you need to feed the smaller amp into the bigger.

you would do this if u can a smaller watt amp and you wanted to use its effects like a preamp into the next louder amp.
this doesnt increase ur volume. it usually just makes a muddy mess.

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Many small practice amps have a Line Out jack somewhere, often in back, look for it. it should be labeled Line Out or Preamp Out. If your amp has one, run it to the guitar input of the other amp and it will work fine. That's how they are used as preamps, I ran one that way for a while when I was too broke to afford anything but a pawn shop practice amp. Preamped it into a borrowed 4 channel PA amp via Line Out and it worked like a charm. I've tried the same with my Peavey MX and a couple of different practice amps, no problem there either but it just didn't get the sound I wanted.

Older straight tube amps with two guitar inputs, like my Fender Super Reverb or Champ, can be wired together by plugging the guitar into input 1, then a cable from input 2 to the input 1 on the other amp. That's how Hendrix ran 3 Marshall stacks at Isle of Wight and probably most of his shows at that time period. (I've only seen the Isle of Wight video, so that's a guess, but probably the way he set up every time.) I saw several bands only a few years later who ran multiple amps the same way - Ted Nugent, Johnny Winter and so on. Johnny was running 3 super reverbs, I couldn't make out the name tags, but Nugent had what looked like Super reverbs too 4 of them I think, stacked on top of 4x12 cabinets.

If you're just trying to connect two low wattage solid state practice amps, I wouldn't bother, it won't sound any better, but it would let you try it and see how it works. Usually if amps are rigged that way it's to get enough volume out of a practice amp to use it onstage by preamping it into a higher wattage power amp, or to get the distortion sound if you have a practice amp with a really good distortion channel. I rigged a footswitch to mine so I could use both channels onstage, and an extension speaker jack that also shut off the internal speaker so I could run a 12" speaker through it and get better sound and still not blow the amp by changing the impedance. It worked well, but still didn't sound as god as a full size 50 or 100 watt amp. And not even in the same ballpark with my present all tube rig...
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