who would you choose?
You have to, otherwise some mafia guys will rape your family and murder them and post it on youtube.

I'd choose
1. Kim Jong Il
2. George Bush Jr.
3. Osama bin Laden
4. Britney Spears
5. Rupert Murdoch

I don't even know why. Those are just the top 5 ppl that came in mind.

Now your turn, lulz.
1- You
2- Your Mom
3- Your Dad
4- Your Mustang
5- The dude who "plays" guitar in Tokio Hotel
Weird Al = Awesome
Buckethead = Awesome
Ergo, Awesome = Buckethead = Weird Al
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the logic... its. so. precise! you broke the code! hail Omni-Ragnarok for answering lifes biggest question, who is buckethead.
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anyone i missed out

George W Bush (although I can see how this is pointless, because his policies and what not will still be around)
Bill O'Reilly
Ann Coulter
Shirley Phelps
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/Didn't get it.
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he said anyone i missed out,

if you're gonna hate everyone then list EVERY race/religion
Well "Asian" takes care of a lot of races, as does "white" and "black."

I suppose he was just missing out brown people (Middle Eastern area).

If you think about it, humans are probably the worst thing to happen to this planet
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there ya go, all fixed.
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its like a four finger, diminished thingy
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1- You
2- Your Mom
3- Your Dad
4- Your Mustang
5- The dude who "plays" guitar in Tokio Hotel

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5 People who have won big brother and think they are celebrities, any 5 i don't care

Maybe stick Jade Goody in there
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