this is so close to a 'what should i play' post, but it's not quite, so please don't give me a warning or something. anywho, on my ship, i got together a group of people that play instruments/sing well (some people may call it a band, but i don't think it quite meets all the requirements of a band) and we need some songs to play. basically i'm looking for rock that is well known, enjoyable by most types of people, and most importantly fairly easy to learn. i need to build up a large set list fairly quickly. Here's my list so far:

Broken Seether ft. Amy Lee
Wicked Game HIM
Gone Away The Offspring
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day
December Collective Soul

I'm not looking for SUPER easy songs, i don't really want a bunch of nirvana. also, we have two guitars, so some songs that allow us to play together/harmonize are preferred. Thanks for helping out!
depends where you are gonna play...if its a house party thats an okay list.....wont fly at a bar though...say for an opening slot.
i would always get angry at my old cover band because they wanted to do what everyone else was playing. of course its what people wanted to hear but I always wanted to try something diff.

id try
Baba oriley - the who
where the streets have no name - u2

or the overdone easy ones like
creep - radiohead
yellow ledabetter - pearl jam
santeria - sublime
just like heaven - the cure

but if its not technically a band like you said try going for original music man... i couldnt stress that enough.....much more satisfying than playing covers
even if you bomb it......at least you did it playing your own music
yeah, i've considered the original music idea, but we hardly have time to practice songs that are already written, lol.

and basically, the venue would be a large hunk of rust floating in the water (call it a ship) with a bunch of people who hate each other almost as much as they hate their jobs. haha, it sounds like a bad reality show, but we call it the navy.

so thats the main reason i'm looking for well known songs. i want to entertain as many of these assholes as i can
oh ok
you're in the service respek!
well I can say for certainty that the 1st three of the easy overdone ones i posted will kill
well they do in tx anyway....i guess thats why everybody here plays them...and I mean EVEERYYYYYBODDYYY
is it like this elsewhere?