Is there any advantage to installing a gain booster such as http://www.bmusic.com.au/prod4887.htm or http://www.emginc.com/displayproducts.asp?section=Accessories&categoryid=32&catalogid=135 onto your guitar rather than just plugging into a pedal?

I don't want to have to drill a hole through my guitar and have an extra little switch sticking out of it if I could get the same exact results from just using a decent-quality pedal.

Any thoughts/suggestions?
hmm. ive never tried those boosters, but i dont think that 20db is that loud of a boost (to me at least). I have a sd-1 which i use as a boost, which i like, as well as a top boost on my metal muff. Both work fine, but i suggest getting a clean booster pedal should you opt to get one.
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I’ve got a TS9, maybe you should look into a tubescreamer.

All it really does it boost the sound, you can get more gain from it too, but not too much otherwise the feedback is earpiercing.

I’ve always been intrigued by an inbuilt booster in guitars, could be useful if you’re not near the pedal! But you can use a pedal with any guitar.
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i think some pickups have that

i forgot what its called try the emg active pickup 89, i THINk thats what it has
So, if pedals can accomplish the same effects, why do people ever install preamp gain boosters into their guitars?