Ok so i know alot of you, probally 99% will just say get a new amp but i cant be bothered getting one so please help.
So ive got a Line 6 Spider 3 75watt amp. Its been fine till alittle while ago, when ever i try to play it for more then bout 10 seconds it cuts out and goes all quiet. Ive got headphones plugged in but i dont think thats the problem. Im starting to get a feeling that its the lead in which the problem lies.

Please help, thanks
well try a different lead then. if its not either the lead, the input jack, or something wrong with the guitar, you'll probably have no sensible option other than to get a new amp, and i'm not just saying this because its a spider, i'm saying it because modelling amps have such complex digital circuitry the average electrician won't be able to find out whats wrong with it, and it'll be more hassle than its worth to find someone who can sort it out.
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Hmm ok my lead is pretty screwed atm, ill probally buy one next time im near a music shop