I'm getting 1 from sanity claus!!

Which 1?

I was thinkin digitech or sumthin similar

No Grammer Nazees!!!!!!!!!

I no its spalt rong dat d joch 8-}
You violated my left appendix
^ bass forum. Firstly cause the rules say so. And secondly cause your bound to get better advice there.
I wish sanity claus brought me some sanity.
Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.
Quote by Ledhead82048
dont buy a multi-effects pedal, get them seprately, you'll thank me in the long-run

I have nowhere near enough cash cos i use a decent number of effects

And im new 2 ultimate guitar,,i didnt no der wasa bass forum

You violated my left appendix