I've checked but there's no thread for Izzy Stradlin, rhythmic guitarist in Guns and Roses and true mastermind behind "Appetite for Destruction", backing up vocalist and even songwriter (just think about Don't Cry, Dust n' Bones, You Could be mine...).
Here we can share everything is related to Iz: links, pics, interviews.. comments and experiences with his music.
This thread is of course dedicated to Izzy's solo careear also..

And so, here we go!
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My experience with Izzy's Playing:
When I was 16 I was listening every days for at least 3 hours GNR music. Mostly I listened to Appetite for Destruction.. I noticed that on the right side of headphones played slash, with a very distorted and nearly metal sound and technique. At the left side there was IZ: a crunch sound, very clean and groovy.
Just try this: listen Izzy's part in paradise city verse: isn't it huge?
Try again with songs like Rocket queen, Knockin' on heaven's door (after solos): Izzy playing is truly stylish, tasteful and elegant!
I can say that This elegant rhytmic guitarist is one of the most underrated players in the rock scene.
And about Izzy's singing?
Izzy sang lead vocals in four wonderful (and again underrated) songs: Dust n' Bones, 14 Years (I love this one!), Double talkin' Jive and last but not least You ain't the first, a nice acustic song that makes us remember how GN'R spent time in evenings and night when they where young and unknown: they played acoustic guitars around a table drinking and singing all the night.
Check out Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds. Nice stuff. 14 years is one great song. Izzy's good ole drug dealin times.
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Gnr thread, please.

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