That clean/slighty disorted indie sound from bands like The Wombats & Sunshine Underground is intreresting. I was wondering how I would achieve that sound using a zoom g2 effects pedal and a Fender Champion? I know its mostly powerchords and triads which make that awful yet eclectic sound!

Any feedback would be appreciated, cheers
If you just want slight distortion you can probably get that with the Champ, no pedal needed. I am not familiar with those groups, so hang around for more specific advice. There is an Ultimate Settings Thread on UG you might also want to check out.
I know the sunshine underground bloke uses a Telecaster and sounds like wombats might do too. soo i guess thats probably where alot of the tone comes from. You ain't gonna get any where close if your using humbuckers. N' if i were you i would go straight into the amp without the pedal as the champ will sound lot better on its own overdriven with plenty of treble.
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Pretty simple mate. You preferably need single coils and just plenty of mids and a fair heft of treble on the EQ. That should get you well on your way. Just slap in a slight gain and you're sorted.
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^ Do all that. And make sure you're using the bridge pickup, a single coil if possible.
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Turn on whatever distortion you have and turn down the volume of your guitar until you have satisfactory distortion.

Better yet, crank your amp until it's got some natural distortion and repeat the second step above.
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cheers guys, i Took away my pedal, cranked up the reverb and treble and it sounds great. I got more of a natural distortion using my headphones but when i gig again im sure it will sound better. I have single coils btw, using the old squire strat. That reminds me, this guitar is 4 years old.
I'd imagine that very light vibe (i.e. Chorus) would sound great for indie if you've got your treble up.
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I am using a Telecaster plus and a fender Hotrod to get the indie sounds...I think that the telecaster and hotrod is a cool indie combination(H) I love the sound..!
Some of the classic Fender amps (Hot Rod, Twin Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, etc) are great for getting that Indie sound. It's all about using the amp and the guitar together and dialing in the settings on both so that its more of a complimentary deal, rather than just having the amp or the guitar do all the work, ya know?
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