Please comment these songs Trying to make my songs my own kind of metal, and i would much like to know what you think of these songs
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It'd be easier to crit with the GP5 tabs so you can layer on some more recognisable tones
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They sound like theme songs to cheesy cartoons. They're well planned out though and well made.

haha probably because it format i'll try to upload gp5 versions of them now
I thought they were fantastic. "Insane Power" is the better of the two, with some really great harmonies, but "Sinister Darkness" was very good too. I don't much like the titles of either of them, but I'd be interested to read the lyrics (if there are any) to see how they fit with the vocal melodies, which were definitely the strongest parts of the songs. I kind of struggle when it comes to writing vocal parts, so five stars in that department!
well a friend of mine writes the lyrics for my songs.. he's really good writer but the lyrics aren't my material so i can't put em up here @ UG sry..